Monday, December 01, 2008

In the 36 days since I've blogged...

I have:
-passed out Halloween candy
-sat through 16 parent-teacher conferences
-made 10 dozen chocolate chip pumpkin muffins
-read the first 3 books in the Twilight saga
-started 3 knitting projects and finished 0
-decided to teach myself to crochet a blanket, but stopped at a dishcloth
-planned, cooked and eaten a Thanksgiving dinner
-received a "Port Call" date for when we're leaving
-passed my first housing inspection
-done 2 loads of laundry *blush*
-turned in my letter of resignation at work
-packed my classroom into 14 Rubbermaid bins
-bought some Christmas presents
-opened one Christmas present
-put out a few Christmas decorations
-remembered to take my vitamins 3 times
-written 5 days worth of sub plans
-made 5 cards and 0 scrapbook pages
-attempted to blog ate least 3 times to no avail
-been waiting (and still am) for the USAF to tell me what my future holds
-been to the BX way more than the commissary
-watched an embarrassing number of movies on Lifetime and ABC Family
-procrastinated packing, sorting, purging, cleaning... I guess that's what my month+ off work is for!


SusieH said...

Thanks for the giggles :)

Hope the AF will share its Secret Planz with you soon.

Also, that's a lot of muffins!

Cyndi said...

Hey Bec.. Nice to see you blogging again. I always love to read your stuff. So how were the Twilight Sagas.. My sister said she read one in one day. I was thinking of picking them up, is it worth it?

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