Sunday, April 13, 2008

12 of 12- April

A Saturday 12 of 12. This really proves how lazy I am! You might find more exciting 12 of 12s here.

My day started around 0600, when I was getting ready for my Saturday run. 7 miles this week.

A little wrench in the plan is shown in this picture. Do you see what's wrong?
An odd number of running shoes- 2 pairs of "retired" shoes, 1 pair of brand new shoes, and only ONE single currently-used running shoe. I found the other one in my laundry basket.

David went out for a hair cut and picked up the mail around 10:00

I got some tax paperwork from my mom as well as an envelope from my old high school track/cross country coach. They sent me this notebook, a "traveling journal" from a 6th grader they know. The notebook had been in Indiana, California, Arizona and Illinois. I had (too much?) fun adding pictures, brochures and my own journal entry.

David went out to pick up the dry cleaning and picked up pizza for lunch. The pizza was greasy & pretty disgusting, but I always love the cheesy breadsticks.

I finished up my journal entry and decided to send it on to my friend in Alaska. Her name starts with R too. This was probably around noon.

Since I was sending David to the post office anyway (other than the run, I didn't leave the house on Saturday!) I decided to go ahead and have him mail off this stuff too. A couple birthday cards (late), taxes, a letter and a transcript request.

I still have a lot of 32 cent stamps.

Even though I had no plans to go anywhere, I decided it was about time to take a shower. The picture is bad, but the clock says 1:53. I probably managed to delay the shower another 2 or 3 minutes after that.

I decided to tend to my flowers around 2:30. Aren't they beautiful?

I'm impatiently waiting for them to bloom. I planted them on Friday. Aren't they going to be beautiful?

I love Zinnias, and the Asters look like my favorite flower- spider chrysanthemums.

This picture could probably have been taken at 0800, 1030, 1200, 1400, 1530, 1600, 1615 or 1900.

I raided my Easter candy several times. Oh look, there's Brown Bunny too! He was hiding in the bag all along.

I started hemming some pants (6 pairs!) I will be hemming those for a while. I like to get them all zig-zag stitched and pressed so that I can just hem while I watch tv.

I like to hem my pants with hot pink thread. Just for fun.

But, I get bored hemming pants, so I stopped before the pressing step and decided to work on knitting some socks instead. Bare feet=cold feet. Sure, I could go find a pair of matching socks in my sock drawer, but what's the fun in that?

And, to close out the evening, I decided to watch one of the Harry Potter movies while knitting. It was over by about 2130 and I was in bed shortly thereafter!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Forgot to say that...

My Gathered Pullover is finished!
It took me exactly 4 weeks from cast-on to put-on and I like it quite a bit! I got lots of compliments (especially on the color) and lots of questions about the cable, like "yeah, but how do you do that?"

The only thing I don't like is that it stinks. I've never actually smelled wet sheep before (it was always sunny when I visited the petting zoo I guess) but my sweater smells worse than wet dog when it's wet. David thinks it smells like perm- I have no idea why he knows what perm solution smells like; I don't think he's ever had a perm. Anyway, I think it's pretty and I'm hoping to wear it 1 or 2 more times before the weather takes a turn for the super-hot and humid.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Darn Brownies!

Today was the White Sox home opener & I'm lucky enough to be on spring break so I can watch the game (remember, afternoon & evening games air at odd times here!). Since we only have 1 sports channel, they choose which games to air based mostly on team record...and since the Sox ended in 2nd to last place last year, their game wasn't on, so I watched the ESPN GameCast instead. I left the computer in the bottom of the 7th, with 2 men on and 2 outs. I shouted at the last guy who struck out that he could've loaded the bases for a grand slam. Then I had to go make some brownies & finish a taco salad for a function for DH. I came back from making the brownies and checked the game... turns out, the next batter loaded the bases & Joe Crede hit a grand slam! And I missed it! The Sox won 7-4. That made me happy, especially because they beat the Twins, who absolutely creamed the White Sox at the only game I went to last year!

Oh, by the way...the brownies turned out delicious! Used the recipe found here.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We got a dog!

Isn't he sweet?

Well, he was only ours for about an hour and a half. Then we had to give him back to his owner.
This little dog broke my heart when he started running with us this morning. He was all skin and bones, his hips stuck up, his ribs stuck out, and his tail looked like a dinosaur spine at a museum.

But boy could he run! He started running with us by the seawall and ran 4.5 miles all the way back to our house with us! He was such a good boy, too! He never ran out in the street, he didn't bark at other dogs or people, although he did scare a cat away by sniffing it. He also jumped on one lady and the gate guard on our way back onto base, but just to be friendly! David wanted to run him off before we got back to the main road, but I started to cry just thinking about it! We had no idea where his home was, but he did have a collar and part of a leash, like he had broken off the rest of it. I had visions of taking this dog (who I named Pacey, by the way) home with us, nursing it back to health, and taking him running with me every day. David didn't exactly share my enthusiasm for getting a dog, even though I felt like this dog really needed us, and he obviously loved us, because he ran all that way with us.

When we got home, we hooked him to our neighbor's dog leash, gave him food and water (but he didn't eat) and had a Japanese-speaking friend call his owner. He said the owner sounded happy to hear that his dog had been found and we arranged pick-up. Pacey was ready and excited to jump right in the car!

He sat in the car like such a sweetie! I just love him! I was happy that he would be back home with his owner, but I still wished we could've kept him. It broke my heart when we gave him to his owner and the owner hadn't closed the car door yet and Pacey jumped out and ran after us as we headed back to our van. I miss that dog.
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