Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In honor of my paid vacation/pending resignation

In an effort to blog each day, I'm borrowing a couple of ideas from other bloggers (is it stealing if you don't mention it first? Whatever). The first is from my virtual pal Krista. Krista usually posts a list of some sort on Wednesdays. So I'm going to do it on I'll know what to post a list about. I've got a few lists saved up, which is a good thing, because Wednesday isn't over yet at Krista's house and she hasn't posted her list.

List of all the jobs I've had-

Teacher- 2nd grade, 1st grade, multi-age 1st/2nd grade @ Kadena Elementary School. Working at KES has been so fantastic! I love my administrators, and school is so laid back. After teaching at Edison and the AmerAsian School (a non-profit organization), seeing the supplies that are available to me was like Christmas morning. Sure we have a limited amount of copies that we're allowed to make each month, but I don't have to buy my own paper clips! And to make the experience truly Okinawan, at Edison I had a few mice in my KES I have geckos!
Camp Counselor- CYO Camp Lawrence, Valpo IN- My favorite job of all time. 1999, 2000, 2001, 2006. How could you not have a blast at a job where you wear shorts, play kickball, drink Kool-Aid and take naps?
Camp Counselor- Culver Summer Camps, Culver IN. I returned to Culver to give the cabins a try. Still didn't like it much.
Teacher- 1st grade- AmerAsian School of Okinawa, Ginowan City Okinawa. This was my good-deed job. I worked full time for about $800 a month, depending on the Yen rate. It was a sweet school and...I only had 10 students!
Teacher- 3rd grade- Edison Elementary School, Hammond IN. Aaahhh, my first full year of teaching. It was absolutely crazy. If I can do that, I can do anything. Crazy wild kids. But I loved my grade-level partners!
Senior Counselor- Camp Waziyatah, Somewhere in Maine. Lame job. I ended up quitting...I'd worked at 3 camps by that point and knew what camp should be like. But I did meet some new BFFs there!
Nanny- Aviano, Italy. This was one of those jobs where you love what you do but don't love your boss. Well, I loved one of my bosses. Then she went to Iraq and left me with the one I didn't have so much love for.
Long Term Substitute- 1st grade- The Prairie School, Racine WI. How lucky was I that I did my student teaching with a pregnant teacher and I got to take over the job when she went on maternity leave. For those that don't know, when you student teach you are paying (or your parents are, depending on your tuition arrangements) to work 40+ hours a week. Going from that to $100+ a day as a long-term sub was totally like striking the jackpot! And Prairie is a wonderful school! Great place to work!
Middle School After-School Program- The Prairie School, Racine WI. Remember how I said student teachers make no money? I just stayed at school a little longer than I normally would have each night to make a few extra bucks. Middle Schoolers are awesome!
Division Director- Culver Summer Camps, Culver IN. Didn't really love this job.
After School Babysitter- Kenosha WI. One of the best jobs ever... it came with a Wisconsin family of my very own!
Education Department Office Assistant- Carthage College, Kenosha WI. The perfect job for a teacher's pet.
"Fun-Raiser"-Six Flags Great America, Gurnee IL (I didn't get paid...the cross country team worked a couple of days each season and the money we would have earned went to the team)
Sales girl- Limited Too, Merrillville IN. If you've ever seen my bedroom, you might be surprised to learn that I was the one they wanted to work late on the nights before the District Manager came because I was so darn good at hanging and folding! I also won a Coach wallet for selling the most during the "TooBucks" special promotion.
Babysitter- random families, Northwest IN. I fondly remember the days I used to get paid to babysit... now my confused friends think I'm doing it out of the kindness of my heart.
Piano teacher- my house, Merrillville IN. I had 2 students. I think they can both play Mary Had a Little Lamb and "Mississippi Hot Dog" now.
Office Helper- my dad's office, Hammond IN. Aside from working for no money at Six Flags, this may be the worst job I've ever had. One of my tasks was to sort paper-clips. Bo-ring! And I probably didn't make that much more than I did at Six Flags. And they didn't even let me raid the office supply cabinet like I used to.
Lemonade Stand- grandma's house, Hammond, IN. Free lemonade for the mailman!

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Cyndi said...

Seriously. I missed your stories. Glad to see that you are blogging everyday.

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