Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Weekend of 2008

We spent the last weekend of the year a lot like we spend most weekends...doing a whole lot of nothing! It's what I do best.
It's been a looooooong weekend, and will continue to be, as David hasn't had to go to work since the 24th and won't go back until the 5th. And although he had to be at his office on the 24th, apparently he spent the day playing ping pong and watching football (?...the football may have been the 23rd...and 22nd.)
On Friday we "recovered" from Christmas. I wore my new pajamas (Wii jammies from my mom) and watched the last of the Fa La La La Lifetime movies (since that channel comes a day late). I also worked on training my dog, Henry. He's a golden retriever. He's not a REAL dog. He's a NintenDog and I love him. So far I have trained him to "have a seat", "shake", get ready for "nap time" (lay on his side) and "dig". He also responds to his name and can catch a Frisbee. I think that David might find him more annoying than a real dog.
I went out for a run in the morning...or was it afternoon?... I don't remember, but it was light outside. David went to the golf course to check and see if there were any sales but there weren't. Then we tried to go see the 1800 showing of Marley & Me. But...the movie didn't actually begin until 1900 and it was barely 1730, so we decided not to stay. David suggested checking the BX but I really hated that idea. I hate going to the BX because it seems like even if you go for one thing, you end up spending $80. And it's even worse if you don't go for anything in particular. So I said we should check the shop at the tennis center, where they have a small selection of running clothes. David wasn't very enthusiastic, but I insisted that it was only fair since he got to go to the golf pro shop. His attitude gave me the idea that perhaps I should be expecting running clothes for my birthday. Or late Christmas... I know he's waiting on another package to come in. Of course, I can't tell David my thoughts because he hates when I guess my gifts but he makes it SO easy! I don't remember what we did after that I'm not working, the days all kind of run together.

Saturday morning I went to running group. I had to run an extra mile since I have no car and couldn't get there on my step tansu. I picked a really beautiful route to of my favorites, part of it right on the water and the water was really pretty that morning! Came home and put those jammies back on! David was out golfing. Surprise, surprise.

Sunday was just yesterday and I only have a vague recollection of what I did. I know I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to make David's Giants hat. It was terribly frustrating for a while there! I'm glad I got it worked out because 1-I took apart David's other hat to make this one and it would not have been good if I gave up and then he had no hats and 2-I met my final 2008 knitting resolution--raising my grade from 66% to 100&! That's more like it!
We went to see Marley & Me. I loved it...I could say much more, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else who still wants to see it. When we came home, I just wanted to spend time with my dog Henry. Because after you see Marley & Me, you can't help but want to hug an animal. I know he's not a REAL dog, but he barks and poops when he goes out for a walk and everything. We dogsat for our neighbor once and let me tell you, scooping NintenDog poop is SO much less disgusting than picking up real dog poop.

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