Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tee-quilt Pre-view

I've been working steadily (sort of) on my t-shirt quilt. Well, at least the cutting of the shirts. I'm saving the interfacing & piecing for later!
I believe I've now cut 38 shirts. I still have at least 20 to go...and that's just the shirts that are here! Here, laid out on the full-sized bed, are just TWENTY-FOUR of the shirts!
I'm making my quilt double-sided so I can do double the # of shirts, but I'm planning for this to be more like a curl on the couch quilt than a bedspread, because really...I'm an adult and a t-shirt quilt bedspread just kind of screams "DORM ROOM" to me. But I still refuse to toss the shirts. So what does that mean...multiple t-shirt quilts, of course! I'll have a better idea once I collect the rest of my t-shirts from my parents, but I'm thinking that I could either do "themed" quilts or just a hodge-podge. I know I have plenty of shirts from various road races to do a whole quilt of them. Other themes could include: baseball, colleges/college sports (although that quilt might have to wait since quite a few of those t-shirts are well-fitting and still in good condition), my high school/college (these would actually have to be combined on one because I have way more shirts from other colleges than my own alma mater...can't decide if that's sad or not), and I would still probably need a miscellany one!
I'd love to know your opinion!

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