Saturday, September 11, 2010

Progress Check

I really need to make a point of blogging more often... it's a great way to save stories for future scrapbook layouts, have my lists collected in one central place, and get motivated to work on/finish knitting projects!

Today I wanted to check my progress on my travel goals for the time that we'll be here in England. (Currently, most likely until Feb 2013, but possibly until Dec 2013) I checked my old post, Thursday Thirteen-Places to Go for my list and I'm excited that I get to check some off already!

1. Southern & SW Ireland
2. Scotland (road trip!)

3. Paris, France
4. Normandy, France
5. Krakow, Poland
6. Spain
7. Copenhagen, Denmark (a stop on a cruise we're hoping to take!)
8. Russia (another stop on the cruise!)
9. Isle of Man
10. Switzerland (ski trip!)
11. Brugge, Belgium
12. Donegal, Ireland
13. Hungary

I'm hoping to try for Krakow in late October, but we'll see. There is a (really long) day bus trip to Brugge, so I might try to find someone to go on that trip with me sometime soon.
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