Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Okinawan Favorite & a make-up list

The thing I'll miss most about Okinawa is my favorite restaurant here...NOT Chili's. We eat Chili's almost every Friday (usually with Survivor), but that's due to lack of options rather than actually enjoying Chili's immensely.

My favorite restaurant here is a sort-of fast-food place, Cocoichibanya, or Coco's for short. Oh my goodness I looooooooooooooove it! It's a curry house, and I love any kind of curry, Thai curry, Indian curry, Japanese curry... so when I first laid eyes on Coco's (it's a chain restaurant, too), I started begging to go there. David refused for at least 6 months because he "hates curry". Then he tried it. Now he requests it at least once a week. I usually get a half-order of chicken cutlet curry (with cheese if we're eating there, without cheese for take-out) or the vegetable curry (regular spice). When we eat at the restaurant I get this drink called Mango Milk Lassie, first just because I liked the name, but it's so delicious. It's a mango flavored milk drink, as the name suggests, and it's cold and tasty. We can't get that with take-out, so they send me with a teeny-tiny juice box of apple juice. Japanese apple juice tastes so much better than American apple juice for some reason.If it's dinner time I'll get a corn salad (which is just a lettuce salad with corn on it). And we always get naan bread. Oh that's the very best! It's funny to listen to David place our to-go first they never understood him saying salad, so he decided to make things easier by saying it in Japanese: "salad-ah".

We've been thinking a lot about restaurants, because we are going to the states next month and have to make sure we eat at all the places we've been missing. Yesterday was supposed to be list-day (but I was too busy baking cookies and eating Coco's), so here's a list of my favorite restaurants (in no particular order):

Coco's-Okinawa, Japan (David says they have a few of these on Mainland, but not as good)
Charcoal Grill- Kenosha, WI (My goal during college was to eat everything on the menu!)
Monical's Pizza- I don't even know where this place is...I went with my friend Jill and her dad and they had the very best Canadian bacon thin crust pizza ever. If I knew where it was, I would totally go back!
MaGiRiBa- Sacile, FVG, Italy. This place was so delicious. Stands for the names of the family-Maria, Giorgio, Irina & Barbara. Maria made lasagna only on Fridays and it was the best lasagna ever. Melt-in-your-mouth good! Also I loved the serpente (a big bread-stick sort of wrapped around some ham & cheese I think) and the scroppino (a lemony after-dinner drink)
BeFeds- Aviano, FVG, Italy. David likes another chicken place better, but I {heart} BeFeds! It's a peanuts-on-the floor place where you get a roasted chicken and delicious french-fries. Yum.
Ed Debevic's- Chicago IL. I love the atmosphere. You may or may not know that I'm convinced that I was actually meant to be a teenager during the 50s/60s. Every time we went there, I begged and begged for a pair of cat-eye glasses!
Schoop's- Munster IN, Crown Point IN. I used to walk from Aunt Cookie's house to the Munster one all the time. Now I go to the CP one. LOVE the burgers. Best burgers ever! LOVE Green River! LOVE the fried egg sandwiches too!
The Oyster Bar- Palace Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. Yum! My cousin Krista took me here and it is so tasty! There aren't many spots to sit though and there is always a line!
Bronko's Pizza- Crown Point, IN. LOVE Bronko's! Best pizza. But sometimes if you don't want pizza you can have a delicious roast beef, ham & cheese or stromboli sandwich instead.
Stir Crazy- Oakbrook(?), IL. I have to get the homemade ginger ale. So good! And even though their other menu items look good, "building your own" is so much fun I can't resist. Be sure to top it off with the fried Banana Wontons. Then roll yourself to the parking lot.
Zel's Roast Beef- I think there are a few of these throughout NW IN. Yum. Love the hot dogs there too.
Crown Kitchen- Crown Point, IN. I love this place for breakfast. I usually get the Eggs Benedict! Yummy! I love it because there are always lots of old people who know each other. And that's just sweet.
??? Souvlaki Stand- The Plaka, Athens, Greece. I don't know what this place is called, but we ate there just about every night that we were in Athens, sometimes after we had already eaten dinner! Whenever David tells me we can go to any restaurant I want, I always pick this one...but we don't get to go.
Does Coldstone Creamery count as a restaurant? I love it. A lot.

Well, I'm sure I've forgotten some. And I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could think of more, but I'm getting hungry!

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Anonymous said...

Soon you can have Schoops, Bronko's and Coldstone - since they are within two miles of your stateside home. Love Ya MOM

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