Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, now that I finally managed to get the photos in my Christmas decorating post to work, I can do today's blog entry!

This was a pretty busy weekend, which is very unusual around here.
Friday nights are always reserved for Chili's take-out and Survivor. I'm really mad at AFN lately because they keep showing 2 hours of Deal or No Deal, and then Survivor doesn't come on until 9. Why not show Survivor at 7 and then Deal or No Deal from 8-10? Who wants to watch 2 hours of Deal or No Deal?? Not me. It's hard to stay up until 10, so we ended up watching Survivor on the re-broadcast later in the weekend.

Saturday morning, I went to running group. It was freeeeeezing! Maybe I shouldn't leave Okinawa. I've been here too long... temps in the 50s seem freezing! I was hoping that nobody else would show up so I could go run on the treadmill, but 2 girls came. Once we got moving, the cold wasn't so bad. We ran 6 miles and then I came home to putz around a while.
But, at about 9:00, a guy from David's office called. They're leaving on Thursday, they didn't get their orders (same thing we're waiting for!) until this past Tuesday, and had one week to get their stuff packed & shipped and house ready for housing inspection. So, they needed some time on Saturday to paint and clean the house. And they have a 3 year old. So they called and asked if "we" would babysit for a while and I couldn't bring myself to say no. Bobby is a sweet boy, but is full of energy! I asked when they wanted to bring him and the answer was "As soon as possible." I told him I needed some time to get showered etc. and he got here about 10. Bobby brought a soccer ball. He stayed until a little after 1. We kicked the soccer ball inside, played outside on Phoebe's trampoline & "park", read books, baked cookies, did puzzles, and when my bag of tricks was just about empty, started watching a movie. Here are some funny things that happened while Bobby was here:

(as his dad was getting ready to leave)
Bobby: "Daddy, I don't want to go. I want to stay here with Miss Uhbecca."
Bobby's dad: "Really, you want to stay here? Well, I don't know..."
Miss Uhbecca: "That sounds like fun. Can Bobby please stay here and play for a while?"

Miss Uhbecca: "Boy oh boy, it would be nice if Mr. Slone would come home soon, wouldn't it, Bobby?"
Bobby: "Yeah, I want to play with Mr. Slone."
Miss Uhbecca: "He's out golfin'"
Bobby: "Yeah, he went to see the dolphin."

(while baking cookies)
Miss Uhbecca: "We need one egg. How many eggs are in the box?"
Bobby: (counts eggs)
Miss Uhbecca: "Good counting, Bobby! You stir and I'll put the egg in the bowl."
Bobby: (picks up egg, taps it on the side of the bowl and uses his hands to crack it)
Miss Uhbecca: "Hmm...okay. Don't stir for a minute. I'm going to take the egg shells out of the bowl first."

(after eating several cookies)
Miss Uhbecca: "Well, how about we take a break from the cookies for a while? We'll have Mr. Slone bring us lunch when he gets home."
Bobby: "BUUURRRP!"

(when Bobby got picked up to go home)
Miss Uhbecca: "We got him a Happy Meal, but he wasn't really interested in anything but the fruit punch...and the cookies we made."
Bobby's dad: "We're really trying to cut back on the amount of sugar he has."
Miss Uhbecca: "Well, I let him scoop the cookies, so they were pretty small."

Saturday evening, David and I decided to go to a basketball game. There's a team here, the Ryukyu Kings...4 Okinawans and 5 Americans I think. We drove down to Naha to find the game, went too far, got stuck in traffic, found the game, drove around looking for a parking place, and decided to try again another day. David was getting cranky. We ended up being in the car for about an hour and a half. I suggested that we try a new-to-us restaurant so the whole evening wouldn't be considered a bust. The restaurant is about 5 minutes away from the house.

On Sunday we went to a baby shower. That means I spent most of Sunday morning finishing the gift I was knitting for the shower. It was a "Jack & Jill" shower because the girl worked at David's office so most of the people she knows at work are guys. David's co-worker's girlfriend was the hostess and had the room decorated really cute, all blue-and-brown. As could be expected, David was really into the baby shower games. He got to make a baby out of play-doh and was disappointed when he couldn't compete in the tie-your-shoes-with-a-balloon-in-your-shirt race because he was wearing Crocs. Oh man! I JUST remembered that I think I left my little treat bag on the table. And there was a mini pack of Turtles in there! Darn it! Anyway, David started off losing the "don't say baby" game with the clothespins. Then he started to play dirty, trying to trick people, by saying, "What does that say?" etc. We both played dirty in Baby Shower Bingo by listing all of the gifts that we bought the baby in a row. I won a $25 Visa gift card! Great prize! David won the clothespin game and the prize was the Clue board game. I love games, so we were happy about it! I bought a little present for the big sister too and "we" were the only ones who thought to do that. We were also the only ones who gave a handmade card and a handmade gift, but they didn't make a big deal about them! I hate that! I spent a lot of time thinking of a theme for my baby gift...originally it was going to just be "feeding time": a knit bib, little baby plates, sippy cups, baby spoons, and a little booster seat thing, but then I saw the cutest little dinosaur pjs and got those instead of the booster seat and used a bib pattern that had a dinosaur on it. But this mom-to-be didn't make a big deal about the presents, we couldn't even really hear her saying who the gifts were from and no little stories or anything. I think I should be a baby shower coach. I was very entertaining at my bridal shower.

Anyway, we were so stuffed when we got home from the shower and tired even though it was only 5. David was snoozing on the couch close to 8, and I spent the evening reading. We can't handle so much activity in one weekend!

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