Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How to lose weight before a PCS

When we came here, we were allowed to bring 2000 pounds with us. We're (thankfully!) allowed a whole lot more on the way out, but I'm still trying to do my part to cut down on the amount we're shipping. (Especially because most of the stuff that's putting us way over 2000 pounds is mine!)

Here's my method for cutting weight:
1. Go through your 5 dresser drawers. The ones that are full of nothing but t-shirts.
2. Don't worry about the t-shirts that are in the overflowing laundry basket right now.
3. Find 56 t-shirts that are too big, too stained, too ugly, too old, or too special to wear.
4. Get on the scale. Make mental note of your weight.
5. Pick up the shirts and get on the scale again.
6. Do math.
7. Get ready to cut your t-shirts. Spend 20 minutes looking for your fabric scissors.
8. Find fabric scissors in the 2nd place you looked. To do this, you must look a little more carefully than the first time.
9. Realize that you'd be better off using your rotary cutter for this project anyway.
10. Cut the designs off of 20 t-shirts.
11. Remember knitting project that you want to finish by tomorrow at 6pm.
12. Decide to put off t-shirt cutting for another day.

I figure if I can get the t-shirts cut, I'll be in pretty good shape! Then I can worry about the interfacing & piecing later. This part is half the battle I think. Pictures later.


Dogeared said...

Are you going to make a blanket out of the patterns? Like a reminder of the shirts? Sounds cool!

onescrappychick said...

if you want to cut down more weight.. you can always mail me you're yarn.. I'll keep it safe (grin)

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