Monday, December 01, 2008

Belated NaBloPoMo

So obviously I didn't participate in NaBloPoMo...when you post to your blog everyday of November. But I'm going to give it a shot for least until the computer gets packed up.

The thing is, I'm not really that exciting, so I'm trying to work out some kind of format/schedule for writing about things that I do. As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I'm perfectly content to sit at home and watch Lifetime movies. Although now my tv will be tuned to ABC Family because I LOVE Christmas movies and they have such cute ones. I can't wait til that Snowglobe one comes on again...that was a great one! But that's not what I mean to write about right now.
Right now, I'm going to talk about what's been going on in my right-brain. The craftsy side of the brain.

Not a whole lot.
The 3 knitting projects I've started since October are--
A sweater for David. It's boring. He's boring. He chose the most boring pattern in the universe in the most boring color in the universe. So I knit about 2 inches of it and decided to start something else. Something for me, which is much more motivating.

Of course, I had to order new yarn because there was nothing suitable in the 4 rubbermaids (not the big ones though!) full I already have. And then when my yarn arrived, I realized I didn't have the proper sized needles for my project, so I had to wait for those too. My project is a super-cute short-sleeved chunky sweater that is on the cover of Debbie Bliss magazine. I love it. I want to finish it by Thursday. I'm less than half-way through the back and still have to do the front and the sleeves and sew it all together. Good thing I just said Thursday, not Thursday December 4. Since I didn't specify a date, I suppose any Thursday will do.

The third project I started is a pair of "Snugs". You know the Ugg boots? Snugs, or Snuggs as I like to spell them, are big cozy slippers that look a bit like Uggs. I only started those because they are easy meeting knitting. And, I discovered, also easy field trip knitting because I can knit in the round in a dark theater for 2 hours without messing up.

While I waited for my yarn to arrive, I worked on some Thrummed Mittens that I started a while ago. These things are CRAZY. Let's see if I have a picture...

You know the song My Favorite Things? (If you don't you seriously need to go watch The Sound of Music immediately). I think these may be the "warm woolen mittens" Julie Andrews is singing about. All that fluffy stuff...that's animal hair! And when the mitten gets closed up at the top, all that fluffy stuff will be inside making my fingers all warm and cozy. Apparently it will get all matted together due to the fact that my hands will be pouring out sweat and the fluffy stuff will turn into a kind of fleecy lining.
When I first started thinking about getting the yarn and the "roving"/fluffy stuff for this project, I asked David if he wanted some too. He said no. Then he saw mine and now he wants some. At least they're smaller than a sweater.

Because in my mind I am a super-fast knitter who never wastes time on the internet and loves knitting for others more than knitting for herself, I also have a long list of gifts to knit. I won't talk extensively about them here so that way 1-if anyone who is getting one of the gifts reads this the surprise won't be ruined and 2-if I never actually start or finish the gifts, the would-be recipients will be none the wiser. I learned the importance of that through David's sweater. He keeps asking how it's going. I told him there is some mistake in the pattern and it's going to take me a while to work it out. Like at least as long as it takes me to finish my sweater, my mittens, my Snuggs, and those other smaller and less boring gifts for other people.

As for non-yarny hobbies, I did make a few cards while I was not blogging. I also brought home a little mini-file cabinet that my friend Katie gave me (it's for holding the large index card size things) that I had been using to hold stickers and certificates in my classroom. I decided will be nice for holding finished cards. I punched little tabs using my Stampin' Up! tab punch and labeled them Christmas, birthday, etc. I'm hoping it will be easier to manage than my current card storage system which is comprised of 2 snorkel mask boxes. We only used the stinkin' snorkel masks twice, but at least the boxes have come in handy for quite a while.

So how's that for my 2nd blog post of December?!? I'm 2 for 2!


SusieH said...

Thanks for the smiles - When I read that "Because in my MIND, I'm a super-fast knitter," I totally cracked up. THat is SO me...

onescrappychick said...

I love ABC's 25 days of Christmas. We watched Dr. Suess last night.. and my son used to have a tape of those 3 short ones (the sneeches and the zak's) and it brought back lots of memories.

In my mind I'm a superfast knitter also... and that's why I comitted to ZERO knitted gifts this year. I might start in January for next year. Right after I finish my sweater.

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