Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why I was late to work this morning...

ScrapVillage is having a Canvas Concepts contest and today was the last day to enter. You know how I love to win things and I'm hoping to hang on to my lucky streak into the new year. So, I knew I wanted to enter. Only, have you noticed that ever since about November 15, time has been moving faster? Last night I realized that today would be Dec. 7, and thus, the last day to enter. So, last night I gathered my supplies and painted my canvas. This morning, I got up early so I'd be on time to the faculty meeting (It's common practice for the speaker to embarass people who walk in late, and I didn't want to go down that road...again). But, then I realized that I hadn't completed my project! So I worked on that all morning, you know, instead of taking a shower, eating breakfast or brushing my teeth. Then, at about 7:05, I realized that I had to do all of those things and leave for work within 15 minutes to get there on time. Oh, and don't forget the most important thing---uploading a picture of my project to the gallery! Of course, as non-luck would have it, the computer just wasn't accepting my upload and I had to try 3 times! I parked my car and as I opened the door to get out, I heard the announcement "Faculty meeting in the cafeteria right now" and as I hustled to the caf, it dawned on me... ScrapVillage does not use Japan Standard Time. I had a whole 'nother day to get all that done! it is, my photo for December 7, one day earlier than I needed it to be!

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