Thursday, December 14, 2006

Almost up to date- December 13

I really wanted this picture to be of my student Raya at her Christmas choir performance. She invited me to go and it was right around the corner at Chapel 1, so I went, at 6:30, directly from my classroom where I had been all evening making sub plans for Thursday. See, I was going to take a day off so I could make my holiday gifts and treats, clean up for my cookie party and send off a few packages at the post office. I had planned to work on this stuff Wednesday night and all day Thursday. Then, the phone rang... It was Angel, a parent who typically volunteers on Thursdays, calling to tell me that she wouldn't be coming in to the classroom the next day because she just had too much holiday stuff to get done with. I told her that's why I wasn't going to be at school the next day too. And somehow, that took nearly 2 hours on the phone! Yikes! Needless to say, I did not meet all of my goals for my day off!

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Leah said...

hee hee! Those are my fave kind of conversations. ;)

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