Thursday, December 14, 2006

Officially caught up!--December 14

I wanted to take a picture of the 3 packages I sent off, in hopes that they'll make it in time for Christmas...but, David had the camera (again) how frustrating!
I wanted to take a picture of the parking lot of the post office... an hour after David told me "there are only 3 people in line" it was packed!
So I ended up taking a picture of the tree skirt that we finally bought yesterday. Last year, I bought fabric, designed a pattern, and started to make one. But I never finished it (I'm noticing a trend just from the entries I've made today). Even though I kept telling David that as long as we have enough presents under the tree, we don't need a tree skirt, he still really wanted one. So we picked up this cute snowman one. David also got pinecone garland and mistletoe to hang in the entryway between the living room and the hall way, and a cute snowman door hanging.

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Leah said...

Great choices!

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