Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 29 and 30

December 29- Kathy S. and I went for a pedicure at Coco's. I snuck this picture. I was totally embarrassed about taking a pic, so I made sure the flash was off and pretended I was looking at pictures of my grand-neighbor that were saved on my camera! Coco's is so relaxing...just look at those recliners! It felt good to splurge for the 40 dollar pedicure and get the great foot massage instead of just the polish change. I was nervous about how well my freshly-pedicured feet would hold up after Saturday's 15 mile run (2 hours 23 minutes), but I was impressed... between the super-base-coat and my cushy new running shoes, not a bit of polish was rubbed off and no blisters made their way onto my toes! And that's December 30th picture to prove it! Silly I know.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

That is one really awesome pedicure! What an artist she is! How FUN!!!

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