Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Saturday

It all started at quarter to six this morning. I met with my fellow runners for a 7 mile run. I was really happy that this girl about my age and about my pace showed up. I'm in a funny middle-ground when she's not there... not fast enough to run with the guys in the group but too fast for some of the ladies in the group.

Came home, showered and baked some more chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins.

I turned on the Christmas jams and lit the trees and a holiday candle. Then 3 ladies came over to stamp some cards. That was fun... but right after they left, I had to go to a baby shower. Unfortunately, my baby present wasn't finished. But I'm workin' on it... pictures later.

Then about 2 hours to relax (while working on the blanket, of course!) before a housewarming party... it was okay. But... now I'm off to watch my new fave show- How I met your Mother!

1 comment:

OneScrappyChick said...

I love How I met Your Mother... I'm just not home to watch it anymore.. it needs to move to a better time!!!

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