Saturday, December 02, 2006

Can you remember yesterday? And the day before?

Really it's the 3rd, but I've got to pretend it's the 1st and 2nd so I can post my pics for the ScrapVillage picture-a-day challenge.

My photo for December 1: I can tell that Dec. 1 was a Friday, because there is a Chili's take-out bag in the picture and every Friday we have Chili's and watch Survivor. I even included the remote controls. It's on channel 7. And of course our tree with 6 presents under it. So far, we are tied 3 to 3 with presents!

Before, during, and after Survivor, I was working my little fingers off trying to complete a baby blanket in time for a baby shower on Saturday. I did NOT finish, but at the suggestion of some friends, I gave the gift as-is and asked them to give it back to me so I can finish. They live right upstairs so it's no big deal.

Which brings us to our Dec. 2 picture(s). Here is the blanket-to-be. I only have a little bit left to finish, should be done well before the end of the week, and that's with knitting less fervently than I did this week. The pattern for the blanket came from the Stitch & B*tch book (except of course I couldn't find any beautiful or fun yarn, so I'm using plain ol' Red Heart (ick) from the Arts & Crap center. ) After frustrating myself trying to follow a pattern for a crocheted butterfly, I found a knit butterfly pattern in Stitch & B*tch Nation. I might put a few more butterflies on before I'm officially finished. Haven't decided yet. Or maybe I'll try to make a few smaller butterflies. I wonder if it's just like half-ing a recipe. Anyway, I'm really proud of my blanket (even if it didn't get many oohs and ahhs when presented at the

baby shower)... I believe I started this the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Which means I worked on it for just 13 days. And not at all on Thanksgiving, because I was cooking all day. Kind of makes me wonder what's up with the other baby blanket I have in my knitting bag... it's been in the works for over a year!

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OneScrappyChick said...

it's beautiful... nice work. And I agree about Red Heart.. but it washes lovely and eventually does soften ...

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