Thursday, December 14, 2006

Still Catching Up- December 12

The Life Cycle of a Yarn Ball.

I bought a ball of this cute yarn around this time of year in 2003 at my favorite little yarn store in Sacile, Italy. I took it home and made a scarf with it. Then, a few weeks later, my knitting friend Erin gave me a birthday gift--3 more balls of the very same yarn. I thought I could make a hat to match my scarf, so I started making the hat. But then I realized I would still have 2 balls of yarn left, so I took apart the hat I was making, and took apart the scarf I had made and turned them back into balls of yarn. Decided I was ready to make a sweater. Knitted the front, the back, and one sleeve of the sweater-to-be, and then noticed that ponchos were all the rage. So pulled the sweater pieces apart and rolled them back into a much bigger yarn ball. The poncho pattern I made was two rectangular pieces sewn together. I finished up the first rectangle on the train to Rome. Finished the second rectangle on the way to Florence. Started sewing them together one night in Venice. Almost 3 years ago. I never finished stitching them together, and the poncho pieces were transported to Indiana and then to Okinawa Japan. The other day I decided that I wanted to knit a sweater (again) using the same darn yarn. So, I got David to unknit the poncho for me as I rolled it back into a yarn ball. And here we are, back at square 1...again.

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OneScrappyChick said...

can't wait to see it... will be a lovely sweater

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