Sunday, December 17, 2006

Got Cookies?

I had a fun time at my cookie party... except I'm really irritated that 3 people did not show. Do they not understand the concept of a cookie party??? Only 1 called to say she was sick and unable to make it. The other two just didn't show. Anyway, the people who did show were fun and so it didn't matter that the others didn't come! I have plenty of cookies anyway. I also made the bacon-ranch dip (that I first had this Thanksgiving), fudge, spiced cider (never made it before!). I set out cheese cubes, chex mix, and dried fruit with peanuts.
Angel arrived first...while I was out picking up Saori at the gate. Her cookies came out very cute! I haven't actually tasted any of the cookies except Stacy's Snickerdoodles. Saori made honey-nut-raisin cookies, Jill made lemon cookies, Angel calls hers Christmas Cups, and Beth made "Easy Cookies". I made the cran-white choco and also some chewy chocolate.
We used reindeer plates for snacking and I set the table with Santa Baby plates.

We also used the reindeer wine glass charms on mugs for hot cocoa or cider.
We did a left-right story to see who got what party favor, and then I allowed trading because I am so nice. All in all, it was a nice afternoon, and I don't think anyone left starving.


Leah said...

As Cookie Monster would say... ME WANT COOKIE!! :)

Anonymous said...

i loved your blog . read it while uncle bill and aunt nim and your mom put and decorated the tree. love grandma

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