Saturday, December 23, 2006

All caught up! December 22 and 23

It felt like I hadn't posted a pic in a long time, but catching up didn't take that much time at all!
December 22- Since Survivor is over, we had to change up our typical "Chili's and Survivor" Friday routine. So we had Mike's Italian Garden and watched a movie. David picked these movies 'for me' because one is about a teacher and the other is something that I'll need to see in order to chat with my students about it! We watched How to Eat Fried Worms and it was really cute! I haven't read the book.

December 23-It's not even 3 pm and I'm done with my photo for the day AND my post about it??? What the heck is going on? (It could possibly have something to do with the fact that I realllly don't feel like cleaning my scrap room. Or the living room. Or the bedroom.) Well, last night David asked me if I'd make "Christmas dinner" for his troop since he has nowhere else to go. I said I'd make something, but not to be advertising it as a traditional Christmas dinner. There will be no turkey. There will be no ham. There will be no mashed potatoes. There might be some cranberry sauce since I think I have an extra can and I love that stuff! Last year we had Rachael Ray's Christmas Pasta on Christmas Eve. It made a lot, so this year we'll have it on Christmas day when the guy comes over. I also invited my newest set of neighbors to come down since they said they didn't have anything planned.

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