Saturday, December 09, 2006

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Last night, I walked into a Winter Wonderland.
At about 2:30, I got a call from one of my students' moms. Her daughter was in my class as a 1st grader last year, and now in 2nd grade. She's active in volunteering and so we've gotten to be casual friends. She plays Bunco once a month, and tonight someone was sick and needed a sub. So I was invited. I had to take a $20 gift, and a $10 ornament. Luckily though, she had an extra ornament and... I had an extra gift here at home! David bought me a book for Christmas and Amazon sent two of the same one instead of one of each that he ordered. So I gave the book and a little packet of handmade cards. We met at Chili's first, and then went to Angel's house (my student's house too!) to play. Now, I was really getting excited, because some of my students have been asking Angel when she comes to volunteer if they can come and look at her house. Today's picture is the outside of her house. And the photo does not do it justice. Spinning Christmas carousels, a bouncing, singing Santa, a lit-up ladder and Santa climbing into a window. I wish I would have taken my camera INSIDE too... whoa. Now, my mom has quite a few Santas, but this was unreal. It was like walking into the gift shop after cutting down your fresh Christmas tree. Life-size Santas, moving Santas, Santa snow globes, ornaments, I am not kidding you... 3 curio cabinets full of Santa memorabilia. It was very festive.
Wow...seeing your students' parents outside of class is weird... I think she was being on 'good behavior' since I was there, but I joked that I was going to have her name crossed off of the approved volunteer list now that I've seen her true colors! Bunco was fun... too bad nobody's moving so I can only sub. Unless I find 7 friends who want to play at my house. I tied for the most wins (19 out of 30) but I had a great winning streak for a while there! Now I have a whole night's worth of cleaning, holiday treat making and gift making to make up for! Yikes!

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