Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 24

Christmas Eve was great! David was dying to open a present in the morning, so we each opened 1. I opened a Post Secret book, which I already knew I was getting, and David opened the corn-on-the-cob griller from my mom, which had stumped him ever since it got here! To keep David away from the presents for a while, we went to see Pursuit of Happyness at the theater. I thought it was really good, David didn't. He says that it was 'slow'- because there were no alien invasions or explosions.
When we came home, we ate and then opened lots of presents! Lots!
I got:
SB embellishments and a card kit stack
16 (!!!!) stamp sets!
Inks, Cardstock, ribbon, buttons, chipboard, punches
Mojito Mix!!
Some moose things- a cutting board, a magnet and a coaster
A toaster!
Pajamas and socks
Christmas decorations
Scrap Gurl T-shirt
kitchen stuff- pasta pot, turkey carver, condiment server, cutting boards
photo printer
table cloth & placemats that I wanted
new scrapbook album

Told you it was a lot!
David got:
grilling stuff
golf balls
pj pants
wireless keyboard & mouse
video game
and I don't really remember what else.

I was so excited the whole time we were opening presents. But, I came down hard when it was over and I remembered how much I missed spending Christmas with the rest of my family. So I made a lot of phone calls and kept myself busy cutting out stamp sets!


cheerful cropper said...

holy loot! cmas was good to you! i can't wait to see pursuit of happyness. my d has a corn griller too and he loves it :)

LoveScrapping said...

Wowser! A wishblade, new camera and a photo printer? And all sorts of other goodies? Wow, wow, wow! You musta been super-good this year! ;) Congrats!

Stephanie said...

Dang girl! You got some great gifts! Have fun with that wishblade (so jealous)!!!
Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

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