Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!

My original idea for today's post was an "October Round-up/Recap" (well, actually it wasn't an original idea because I saw it on someone else's blog) Anyway, since I'm having a bit of a Halloween emergency, I have to change gears. Maybe I'll post my un-original idea later.

So, today is Halloween and we are going to a Halloween party, which had originally been advertised as just a "party on Halloween," therefore making me believe that no costumes were necessary. And I was glad, because even though I had planned a great costume for this year (I was going to be a Survivor contestant and D would dress as Survivor host Jeff Probst), I didn't actually order a buff, buy a tiki torch, or fashion an immunity necklace.
However, yesterday I received word that it is, in fact, a costume party, and apparently there are repercussions for not wearing a costume.
Since I don't want to get pinched or eat spiders or whatever kind of punishment the hosts plan on inflicting on the un-costumed, I'm trying to come up with something I can throw together using found objects.

The ideas I'm throwing around right now are:
--Survivor Contestant-- still not ready to give this one up. I have the perfect bathing suit to wear, saw tiki torches on sale at the BX the other day, and I think we have some weird bone necklace thingy that D bought in South America. A buff...more of a problem. But I could probably do a cylinder of any kind of fabric and just print out a Survivor logo and double-stick-tape it on. Plus, Survivors don't have to shower before they leave the house, which really makes this my perfect costume.

--Teacher-- This one would be easy. Not much of a stretch at all...plenty of teacher clothes in the closet and teacher accessories galore are stored in the garage. I thought David could be a substitute teacher, complete with "kick me" sign on his back. And, possibly the best thing about dressing up as a teacher for Halloween is that maybe I could put people who are being naughty or just plain annoying in time out.

--Martha Stewart-- This one would also be easy to pull off...apron, cookbook, garden gloves, knitting project. Hmm...I could work on the second sleeve of my sweater as part of my costume and not be accused of being anti-social!!

--Clothesline-- Tie a rope around my waist. Tie a rope around D's waist. Hang some laundry in between us. Et voila! Halloween costume. But I'm not sure I want to be tied to David all night.

--Stood-up Prom Date-- I can't really be this, because I don't have a fancy dress here. Besides, I'd have to go buy a bunch of eye make-up just to smear it and make it look like I'd been crying all night.

Please cast your vote and help me choose what to wear tonight!


Dogeared said...

Martha Stewart sounds good!

Anonymous said...

you know what I think, and that would be a good thing! Martha of course or Bree! have a good time
Love Mom

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