Friday, October 23, 2009

"If you don't hear from me on Friday..."

"...I'll be there on Saturday."
That's what David told me earlier in the week. We'd been planning on him arriving on the 24th for a couple months, but a few weeks ago he found out that the plane leaving his base was almost full. Since he's just going on vacation, he's a lower-priority traveler than some of the others. So it was up in the air whether he would arrive here on the 24th, the 31st, or some other day between now and November 4. He kept updating me on how many available seats there were on the plane (last count: 4) and I kept trying not to bash my head against the wall. I'm a planner and this kind of travel is out of my comfort zone.
    So, since I didn't hear from David today, I assume he's going to be here tomorrow! And since I assume he's going to be here tomorrow, I had to clean the whole house a lot of the house TODAY to prepare for his arrival. I decided that my hobby room could remain a mess because that's not really his space anyway. And I think it's acceptable for there to be a few (16) dirty dishes because strategically placed next to them is a plate of freshly baked and cutely decorated Halloween sugar cookies. Distraction is key. Anyway, shouldn't he just be so thrilled to be "home" (for the first time ever!) that he doesn't mind a dryer full of towels?  And a washer full of towels that need to be moved to the dryer? Hey, at least the guy's going to get a clean towel!
   There is a free shuttle bus that goes from the base to the airport and back and I'm going to ride that tomorrow. The drive isn't terrible but it's 125 miles and about 2.5 hours. Since D and I are military ID card holders, we're allowed to use the service, and if I'm going to spend 5 hours in a moving vehicle, I'd much rather do it in one in which I can sleep, read, knit, or just plain not pay attention. I told D that he better get off the airplane as quickly as he can and not to be polite and let little old ladies go in front of him in the customs line. Sorry, little old ladies, but his arrival time is kind of cutting it close to the shuttle departure time. I have a plan B in case we miss it, but I'd really rather not have to activate it. Because it's not free.
    So, tomorrow, at this time, I should have a husband here with me (and an almost-done sweater too...planning on getting a lot done on my Amused (link to my project page for Ravelry users) (link to the pattern for non-Ravelers who just want to see what I'm working on) on the bus and in the airport.)


Amy said...

I am so excited for you! What an exciting time. I hope everything goes according to plan.

P.S. I am following you. You are just that great!

onescrappychick said...

YAY! BTW, I thought of you last night when I finally got around to reading my October Martha Stewart mag. I don't even LIKE Halloween, but felt the urge to throw a party! Enjoy your visit with David...

Anonymous said...

Finally! Nothing like getting things put away last minute. I kept my fingers crossed that David would make the flight. The uncertainty can surely drive you crazy, not being able to plan. But all looks good now just enjoy and have fun. Cookies are a great diversion.
love mom

Princess Lolly said...

Happy SITS shareday! :) Congrats on the visit with the husband- hope everything works out, transit-wise! (And yes, a hobby room does NOT need to be clean. I wouldn't trust an organized one.)


Dogeared said...

Yay for having your husband back home! Very good news.

Anonymous said...

EXCITING! I'm so happy for you. I'm sure he's not even going to notice the house (clean or not) - he'll be focused on you. Enjoy your time together.
pk @ Room Remix

Priscila said...

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