Thursday, October 29, 2009

When I have nothing to say...

Since writing about blogging more, and getting some very nice and reassuring comments, I've come to type up an entry three times. And three times... nothing but crickets.
So, today, I will force myself to not leave until I have a post typed up and published. I can't make any promises and wish I didn't have to take responsibility for whatever I come up with.
Someone on Facebook mentioned eating an Affy Tapple three days ago, and I've been thinking about them ever since. Even though Affy Tapples aren't the most delicious (or the most delicious looking) caramel apples out there, they are one of my personal signals of fall. I always begged for them when I saw that they had arrived at the grocery store. At the fair (or maybe the airport... I really want to say it was the airport, but really, who decided that a caramel apple on a stick was a great airport snack? I guess because it is on a stick so in theory it's easy to eat while moving, but those things are waaaaaay bigger than Affy Tapples, and it is already a challenge just to eat the little Affy Tapple neatly. Mine was usually sliced up. You have to take just the right sized and carefully placed bite or else the apple starts swinging around the stick while you're trying to eat or it's dangling by a little apple thread.) I don't even think it would make sense now to continue where I left off before the parentheses, so I'm just going to start that sentence over... At the fair (or maybe the airport...actually, I think they were at both) I saw these super beautiful and humongous caramel apples. Drizzled with chocolate over the caramel, or dipped halfway in dark chocolate and then rolled in nuts. They looked so tasty, but I didn't get one at the fair because it was raining and I didn't get one at the airport because I just don't think a giant caramel apple on a stick is the right thing for me to eat without silverware, while walking, or without the option of taking a shower in the next 8-12 hours.
I don't think they have Affy Tapples at the commissary. That's probably why, a few years ago, my friend Barbara (who coincidentally rode my bus in high school) and I decided to make our very own to share with her kids. We ended up eating most of the caramels plain and giving the kids plain ol' apples.
Maybe I'll give it another try this year... or maybe I'll just buy a tub of caramel dip and slice up some apples. No sticks necessary.
So that's what I come up with when I've got nothin'... Affy Tapples.

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uncle bi!! said...

Aunt Nim and I have had a lot of Affy Tapples this year! Can't beat them, really don't like the so called Gourmet Taffy Apples.

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