Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Label Maker

A couple of nights ago, I spent a looooong time labeling (tagging) my "Favorites" in Ravelry. I love Ravelry. I love labeling. I love my Favorites. And I love avoiding my household chores. (A few people have called me the most organized messy person [or is it the messiest organized person?] they know. I can't say I disagree.)

So my passion for organizing has brought me to my blog. I especially love the kind of organizing you can do while sitting on your couch under a blanket with a can of mixed nuts at your side and the laptop on your lap. Plus, I'm out of Dymo Labelmaker cartridges and they don't have any at the BX.

I haven't been tagging/labeling most of my blog posts lately because I just wasn't into my labeling system. I had tried to rectify this once before, but I wanted a more concise list and I couldn't figure out how to delete a label from the labels list. But today, thanks to this magical place called the Blogger Help Forum, I learned how!
So now I've been able to delete some labels that just weren't working for me, maybe I made them by mistake or maybe they had just one or two posts in them. Or maybe they were just attempts at cleverness that fell short. It happens. Not often, but it does happen.

I tried to make clearer labels (for my own benefit as well as for the 3 people who read this blog, so they can, you know, reminisce on their favorite entries on a Sunday afternoon), but I just can't resist the urge to have fun with words. So while I really wanted to name a category for knitting, "Pointy Sticks" or "Just One More Row" or "I Knit So I Don't Kill People", "Dumbledore Does It," "Do My Needles Make You Nervous?" or "You Have Prozac, I Have Knitting," "I'm More Dangerous Without The Needles," "(Not Necessarily)Cheaper than Therapy," "My Stash is Legal," "Keeping Sheep in Business," "It's a Condition of My Parole," "Ensuring that My Reality TV Habit is not a Total Waste of Time and Brain Cells," or even some Latin, "Nodo Ergo Sum", (thanks for the assist, dear internet) I tried to convince myself to use the simple, yet descriptive "Knitting". And then it hit me. Behold the power of parentheses. I love parentheses (and ellipses) (Oh, look there I go with the parentheses!)! Anyway, so I went for a slightly fun label, "Wooly Goodness" with a descriptor in parentheses!
Wooly Goodness (Knitting/Crochet)
And now you, dear reader, know just what kinds of posts you will find if you click on Wooly Goodness. And I know just what kinds of posts I am supposed to label Wooly Goodness. It is a win-win situation. And I'm not making another label for "acrylic goodness" or "cotton goodness", so don't ask. It's just an *expression*.

All of my unlabeled posts are now labeled and all of the labels I didn't like are gone! So, the new categories are:
12 of 12 (Photo Project)-- When I remember to take 12 photos on the 12th of the month and blog about them, they get posted here.
Bec in Bullet Form (Lists) My ScrapVillage friend cheerfulcropper was doing this thing where she put a list on her blog on Wednesdays. And I copied it on Thursdays (well, I copied her theme, not the items on her list). But then she stopped making her lists, so I had nothing to copy. But occasionally it's easier to write in list form than sentences. So this category is ready for me.
Big Ben Parliament (Life in England)
--This is where you'll find information about my faaaabulous life abroad. It mostly consists of running shoes or pajamas. But every now and then, I do venture out of the house. Or at least think about it.
Blogger Blabber (Random Ramblings)-- a catch-all category for when the things I talk about don't really have to do with anything. Some things will be cross-labeled into more specific categories.
December 2006 ScrapVillage Picture a Day Challenge--A fun photo project some of the Villagers took part in...almost 3 years ago! Unbelievable! I hope we do it again this year!
Domestic Goddess (Cooking/Crafts/Chores/Congeniality)-- this is just a big umbrella category, most of these will be cross-posted in their own sub-categories (wooly goodness or everybody wang chung, for example) But there are a few posts that won't be in the other categories (like sewing projects). And there are some posts in wooly goodness that I just didn't get around to labeling Domestic Goddess too. Give me a break. This process took hours!
Don't Eat the Paste (Scrapbooking and Cards)--That's fun, right? For all of my scrapbook (digi and paper), stamping, cards or other paper-craft related posts. Maybe there will be more of those *after* I clean off my work table! Again.
Everybody Wang Chung (Parties)--We'll see if this label sticks around. I'm busy planning a baby shower and I think I should write more about it!
Favorite Things (Wish Lists and Things I Just Love)--This is where posts containing my Wish Lists or things I just love will be filed. Clever, huh?
Greatest Hits (My Favorite Posts)--I'm not going to lie, sometimes I really like reading my own writing. And these are some of those times. If you have a favorite, feel free to nominate it through a comment!
Minor Complaints (Uh...Minor Complaints)--Thought that one was pretty self-explanatory, but the whole visual would be thrown off if it was the only one without parentheses. So this is where I get a bad attitude and complain about stuff. I thought about naming it "When Becca Gets Angry, Very Very Angry" but didn't think many people would get the Children's Lit reference.
Nose in a Book (Reading) Sometimes, when I'm not really busy watching Gossip Girl or making cupcakes or knitting or spending 5 hours organizing my blog, I read books.
Olive Drab (Military Life) You can read all about the glamorous life of a military wife here. Interestingly, most of these posts are cross-labled as "Minor Complaints". I need to work on that. Attitude of Gratitude and all.
On the Run (Running)--I thought this label was pretty obvious, but just in case someone who doesn't know me happens upon my blog I suppose this will keep them from thinking I am a fugitive. That would've been especially important if I had chosen "I Knit So I Don't Kill People" as my label for knitting posts.
Reading 'Riting and Recess (Teacher Stuff)--Tales from the Classroom. I'm really starting to miss that place.
Stranded on a Tropical Island (Life in Okinawa)--I'm really starting to miss that place too! It's really strange how lately I've felt like I'm just visiting here on my way back to Okinawa. Totally took Oki for granted!
The Internet was Made for Procrastinators (Memes and Quizzes)--Because these are just fun and should be easily accessible, just in case you want to put one on your own blog!
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Christmas)--Another label that needed no parenthetical explanation (IMHO). Thanksgiving posts are also here, because Thanksgiving and Christmas are kind of on the same team, you know?
Wanderlust (Travel)--Umm...travel. Yeah.
Wooly Goodness (Knitting/Crochet)--Pretty sure I already offered sufficient explanation of this one.
Yummy Stuff (Baking/Cooking/Eating)--Saved the best for last!

(You can click the label titles here in this post if you're looking for something in particular right now. Or in the future, you can click the label titles that are close to the bottom of the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Or, you can say *to yourself* that you will never actually be clicking the labels to look for any of my old posts. But please don't leave that in a comment, because I have been working on this ALL DAY. Don't ruin my day. Pretty please.)


Cyndi said...

You had a lot of time to organize, now I can easily re-read all your posts. Maybe I'll crack open a jar of mixed nuts :o)

onescrappychick said...

hell.. I haven't ever labeled my posts. How did I miss out on this wonderful tool?!?!

Dogeared said...

I bow down to your awesome organising! I liked them all, and some were inspired! (Olive Drab springs to mind). And you not only labelled all your old posts I think (haven't checked), but you gave a description of each one and made those titles hyperlinks to the list of posts they include! *bows down*

I also like:

Big Ben Parliament (Life in England)--This is where you'll find information about my faaaabulous life abroad. It mostly consists of running shoes or pajamas. But every now and then, I do venture out of the house. Or at least think about it.

We can work on that, you know ;-) There's a lot for you to explore! And if you need someone to introduce you to bits, I'm happy to volunteer :D

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