Monday, November 02, 2009

Guess who!

Guess who I was for Halloween!
Here's a few clues...
1. She can bake.
2. She loves to garden.
3. She has a tv show.
4. She has a doggie named Francesca.

I was Martha Stewart! I really got into the part and spent much of the afternoon/evening making 60 popcorn balls to take to a Halloween party.

I didn't think I would carry the popcorn balls around all evening, so I decided that I needed another prop to really make it clear what I was dressed up as. I thought to myself, "What would Martha need?" and filled a basket with a cookbook, Martha Stewart magazine, garden shovel & gloves, pin cushion, knitting needles & yarn and a pattern book. Unfortunately, I didn't have a basket with a handle and this got heavy and uncomfortable pretty early on!

When I walked into the party, I still had my coat on, but the hostess shouted, "YAY! Martha Stewart's here!" And then everyone shouted "Martha Stewart!" They thought it was hilarious when I took off my coat and said, "That's what I dressed up as...Martha Stewart!" I (sort of) lived up to my name and prepared Pizza Rolls throughout the night. After all, I had my very own kitchen timer in my Martha basket!


Cyndi said...

LOL. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Now what would Martha have done about the basket. Probably collected leaves along the way to weave into a handle!

Dogeared said...

Hee, well done, it looks great!

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