Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I finally remembered...12 of 12!

I finally remembered to take pictures for 12 of 12! Warning, these pictures are not well-composed and the subject matter is incredibly boring! All photos were taken in my house, Thetford, England.
1. 0700, Living Room

I slept on the couch last night because I was too cold to get out from under my blankets and go upstairs. So I woke up all cuddly and warm under the big mink blanket. We own 4 of these babies... anyone who's been stationed in Korea probably has at least 1. I think I need one more, and luckily a friend of mine is stationed in Korea until March... I think I'll send her a check and a box of cookies and request another blanket.
2. 0715, Hallway

I was really really trying to make it until October 15 to turn on the heat, but I broke down today and turned it on. In fact, I was trying to make it until October 31 originally, but modified that plan in the past week when I had to knit myself a hat to keep warm indoors. I thought that a girl was going to meet me here and go running with me, so I turned the heat on "for her" so she wouldn't be freezing when we came in after our run. She ended up not coming, but I sure was happy to walk into a warm-ish house after my run!
3. 0800, Kitchen

My pre-run breakfast, peanut butter toast. I like to eat the crust first. I questioned my decision to eat so close to my run time (I should've been eating while I was running around the house closing all the radiators & doors in rooms I don't use!) but I was fine.
4. 0815, Hallway

These are my newest running shoes, Asics Gel DS-14. The only thing I don't like about them is that they are being discontinued. Headed out for my 2 mile run to my friend's house, then we did a 5 mile run/walk, and I ran the last 2 miles back home.
5. 11:30, Living Room

My post-run breakfast, Frankenberry. I have a certain way of eating this, too... crunchy parts first, marshmallows last. I eat the white marshmallows first, then the blue ones, then pink, and finish off with purple. It takes me much longer to eat this way, so I usually don't eat marshmallow cereals when I'm in the presence of others.
6. 1530, Kitchen

I cleared a little bit of space on my counter so I would have room to make cookies. Originally, I was planning this to be a sort of "before and after" picture, because I had big plans to clean up the kitchen after baking cookies. But baking cookies takes a long time and plans change. So, to get an idea of the "after" picture, just add a few dirty dishes and splatters of ingredients.
7. 1531, Kitchen

I realized shortly after getting all excited about new cookies that my mixing bowls and measuring cups (along with lots of other dishes) were dirty. So I had to take a brief break from cookie making before I even started in order to wash the dishes. Having clean dishes made me feel like much less of a slob, plus it gave my butter time to soften.
8. 1615, Kitchen

My first batch of cookies (raspberry thumbprints) ready to go into the oven. I could've just repeated this picture 3 more times over the next 45 minutes, but the last one would've had slightly different color jam as I ran out of raspberry preserves and had to use strawberry.
9. 1950, Living Room

I'm so glad one of my friends stopped by recently and set up my wireless internet for me. I was able to browse Road Runner Sports for several hours from the comfort of my couch while deciding what to purchase with a gift certificate I got last year. Time for winter running clothes. Unfortunately, the gift certificate was not for $1,684.46, which was the total of all of the items on my list. Spent a considerable (and excruciating) amount of time paring down.
10. 2215, Living Room

Back to the position I started out in this morning, on the couch, under the mink blanket (my heat is on a timer and it was off by this time!) Turned on Gossip Girl (much later than I wanted to, due to the running clothes decision-making fiasco) and started on the last half of my fingerless mitts.
11. 2345, Living Room

The pair is complete!
12. 2350, Living Room

I didn't actually mean for this to be a 12 of 12 picture, but I miscounted somewhere during the day, so now it is. My mitts and hat are done...and I think I will put them on and leave the house tomorrow (today now that I'm writing this).


Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Hello Bec!
I see we do have some common activities ; I'm knitting blankets!
Crochetting, I should precise. Because it can get very cold in my house too!

Thank you for your comment on my first 12 of 12. (and i'll have to practice writing in english... aïe!)


ah, ah, ah!!
la bloggia's writing in english!!!
good for you. perhaps having more connection of the anglo persuasion will give you more assurance.
how courageous to run. good for you to keep fit. never lose that. it's your body. the running & the knitting are all nice & all, but what drew my attention are the cookies!!! any left?!?
keep well & see you next month!!

Pete said...

Hi Bec I have to say I love..LOVE your kitchen :) and nice work on the cookies too of course.

Jill said...

WOW! As a fellow knitter, I'm totally jealous of your completed projects - all in one day! :)

My major boo boo is fixed and I hope I can finish this little handbag this week and get it in the washer to attempt felting for the first time.

Thanks for sharing your day!
- Jill

Eliane Zimmermann said...

hello bec, thank you for visiting me in ireland. is this blanket real mink???!!! here we have many minks which are a daily threat for people with chickens. they also once killed the four guinea pigs of our neighbours kids. so we should make blankets out of them too ;-))) as it's starting to get quite cold too. see you next 12er! eliane

Regina said...

I do love those cookies - my mother used to bake them before Christmas ... great to meet a fellow knitter, you'll probably need those mittens quite soon...

Dogeared said...

I was wondering if it was real mink too! I can totally get staying under the blankets on the sofa if you're too warm and comfy to get out and go upstairs to sleep! Ah the luxuries of living in your own place ;-)

And Frankenberry cereal sounds yummy (if sugary)... where'd you get it?

Go you with the running - I'd love to be a long distance runner but have accepted I'm not. And yowza, yes I think $1600 would need paring down unless that was a very large gift certificate!

Cyndi said...

You are a riot.. You were cracking me up on the cereal post. I'm so like that too, but I don't pay much attention to the color, I just leave them for last. I need me some mittens, next time you come in you need to show me how to make them.

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