Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scrapbookin' On The Couch

It has been so long since I've played around with my paper scrapbooking supplies (but I do have plans to work with them soon for some baby shower goodies!) I've only managed to clear off a space on my table big enough to make a card or two. The other day, while hanging out on the ScrapVillage message board, I decided that I needed to do something SBR (scrapbook related), right away! Then I walked upstairs, looked at my table and decided it wasn't going to happen...unless, I could do it without making a mess, clearing a space, or getting out from underneath a blanket!
So, digital scrapbooking it was! And here's what I came up with:
(and in the interest of full disclosure, I only made Bella's Mittens & Stingray Love the other day. Funship Freedom was completely done, and 3 Sisters just needed the journaling added)
(Sorry if the formatting on this is totally jumbled and confusing. I tried loading the pictures with Picasa & it's a different process than I usually use)

Bella's Mittens-
I already wrote about knitting up these mittens. As far as I know, they haven't reached their recipient yet.

Funship Freedom-from this summer's cruise.

3 Sisters- from our summer 08 trip to Australia!
Journaling- (just copied the legend from a Blue Mountains Australia website)

Journaling-Long ago in the Blue Mountains there lived three little Aboriginal sisters. They were Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, whose Witch Doctor father was called Tyawan. Only one creature was feared by all - the Bunyip who lived in a deep hole. When Tyawan had to pass the hole, he would leave his daughters safely on the cliff behind a rocky wall. One day, waving goodbye to his daughters, he descended the cliff steps. On top of the cliff a big centipede suddenly appeared and frightened Meenhi, who threw a stone at it. The stone rolled over the cliff and crashed into the valley. Birds, animals and fairies stopped still as the rocks behind the three sisters split open, leaving them on a thin ledge. The angry Bunyip emerged to see the terrified sisters in the valley,
Tyawan saw the Bunyip close to his daughters so he pointed his magic bone at the girls and turned them to stone. They would be safe there until the Bunyip had gone and then Tyawan would return them to their former selves. The Bunyip then chased Tyawan who found himself trapped, so he changed himself into a Lyre Bird. Everyone was safe, but Tyawan had dropped his magic bone. After the Bunyip had gone, Tyawan searched and searched for his bone - and he is still searching. The Three Sisters stand silently watching him from their ledge, hoping he'll find the bone and turn them back to Aboriginal girls. As you look at the Three Sisters, you can hear Tyawan - the Lyre Bird - calling his daughters as his search for the lost bone continues.

Stingray Love- This was a fun little experiment with recoloring! I wanted something orange, but the orange dots on the paper didn't match up with the orange letters. So I changed the color! And then I wanted the word "stingray" and the scalloped paper to match the color of that beautiful Grand Cayman water, so I used that fancy color-picker and changed that too! Digi-scrapping is so much fun, because right now, I'm still inexperienced enough to feel like I learn something new almost every time I do it!
One of the highlights of our trip was definitely swimming with the stingrays! I remember my friend Skip telling me about the awesome time she and Rex had swimming with the stingrays on their honeymoon cruise, so when I saw it listed as an excursion for Grand cayman, I got so excited! David, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure. After all, just last summer we spent a day at Steve Irwin’s zoo, and if the mighty crocodile hunter could be taken down by a ray, then surely we mere mortals were in peril! But, he decided to be a good sport and go along with it. And he was so glad he did! Swimming with the stingrays wasn’t exactly what I had expected (I was thinking they’d be kept in a cove or tank, like the dolphins...but instead they were just out in the ocean, free to come and go from near and far!) but it was an absolutely awesome experience! They were huge, ugly, slimy and, once we got used to having them swarming around us, amazing! We got to feed them, pet them, kiss them (for good luck!), “hold” them, and even get back massages from them. They were so friendly... and couldn’t get enough of our lovin’!

If you want further details about the digi-supplies I used on these LOs, check my gallery at ScrapVillage.


Amy said...

Welcome to SITS! You are so talented. I dabble a bit in digiscrap, but really am not very good. Your pages are so beautiful, and I love your journaling. Such fun stories, and I would be terrified to swim with stingrays. I have pet them before, but I would be terrified of being accidentally stung by their stingers.

pk said...

Welcome to SITS! Looks like you're a talented scrapbooker. I have good intentions, but never get to it.
pk @ Room Remix

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