Monday, June 01, 2009

Goodbye, Clean House!

As of about 6 minutes ago, I have internet at home! That means I will no longer need to busy myself with washing dishes, vacuuming, etc. Although I probably will still try to pull myself away from the internet long enough to dust away cobwebs on a regular basis. The spiders here are huge and plentiful.

My Vonage phone is up and running again, and I was able to use it to call David and get some coaching while trying to set up the computer properly so web pages would come up. I had something plugged into the wrong place. The time difference is now 6 hours from Central time, so call accordingly.

The title for the next portion of this post will be Goodbye, Good Friend:
My Mildenhall best friend Mark W. moved away on Friday. He was supposed to be here until June 10, but a family emergency bumped things up a bit. So I'm glad that I skipped out on my usual (cheap and tasty) dinner with my neighborhood friends and decided to go to the "best restaurant in East England" for an (expensive and delicious) dinner which unknowingly turned out to be Mark's going-away. Susie, I'll try to remember to post you or rav-mail you this in case you don't read here, but if you do, the restaurant was called The Great House in Lavenham, the crooked town. The town was very cute and...well, crooked. Maybe 20-30 minutes from Bury St. Edmunds? I wish I would've taken pictures. I do intend to go back to the restaurant...when someone else treats. It was about 30 pounds for 3 courses. I had some yummy raw tuna with green beans, tomatoes and snowpeas, then guinea fowl with veggies and mushroom & truffle sauce, they brought parsnips for the whole table and then I had a limey-berry cheesecake for dessert. This Wednesday, though, I'll happily return to my usual curry, poppadom, and pint for the low low price of 5 pounds. And now that Mark is gone, my Wednesday friends may be my only friends! No...hopefully Mark will have successfully transferred his friendship responsibilities to our other friends Zach (moving in July) and Jessica and I'll still have some social life. But if least I have the internet now! ;)


SusieH said...

Oooh, that sounds pretty nom-tastic! Glad to hear you have home's a beautiful thing :)

Anonymous said...

what did we do before the internet,
cell phone, Ipod etc! Oh yes-forgot Facebook. love you

onescrappychick said...

YAY.. welcome back to the digital age Becca. ((hugs))

Cyndi said...

Yay.. To Internet. So glad you are back to blogging at a full time basis.

Dogeared said...


I need to email you and find you on FB, so it'll make meeting up easier! I'm over my supremely busy month, so once we get to 15th June (payday), I'll be a bit more solvent for a meetup - bit tight this month thanks to 2 weeks in Germany!

Yay for you being a bit more settled in, and able to contact family and friends more easily. Hope you get the puter sorted out too!

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