Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happiness is...

...having a techie-geek husband who wouldn't dream of having me go without a functioning computer for too long.
My laptop arrived today!
Back to e-mailing.
Back to facebooking.
Back to hearing podcasts.
Back to changing music on my iPod.
Back to blogging.
Back to reading blogs.
Back to online shopping. (uh-oh!)
Back to digi-scrapbooking.
Back to the 21st century!


Cyndi said...

Yay!!! I was just going to pick up the phone to call. So happy you have access to your internet again. I feel naked without it :o)

Dogeared said...

That's true love indeed!

Oh and I actually read book 12 of the Stephanie Plum series (she's the character). It kind of helped, because I got to know the fully-fleshed characters. If you read book 1, you a) worry Lula's gonna be OK (whereas reading anything after tells you she makes it), and b) you think Morelli is some kind of scumbag sex monster. Which he isn't! So I say read a random book, ten try and get hold of the others lol. Normally I wouldn't spoil a book for someone, but the Lula incident really worried me!

Anonymous said...

Oh! David does spoil you. Count your blessings for the such a thoughtful hubby
love mom

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