Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Crib

That is "totally gangsta" for "My New Home".

Do you love it? I love the blue door. I'm not actually certain that the car would fit in the garage. And for authenticity, let's pronounce garage 'ga rage not ga 'rage.

More of my blue door...this is how I get in my house. I have to squeeze through the mail slot since there is no doorknob. Just kidding.

This is the cloak room. You don't actually put cloaks in there, you go potty in there. According to Mark W. it's "in the British place", right inside the door.

My beautiful, beautiful kitchen! Isn't it gorgeous? It's what I loved most about my house the first time I saw it (besides the blue door)The fridge is the cabinet next to the oven.

My living room is so pretty! It's like sitting in a Tiffany box. Haven't used my fireplace yet.

Want to look upstairs? There are two more rooms downstairs: the dining room which I'm using as a sitting room since I don't have a dining room table and I have a massage chair and another chair that won't fit in the living room, and the office/home gym/half-a-laundry room.

Master bedroom.

En Suite. Which is English for "master bathroom". :) This photo is taken from the other half of my bathroom, where I have a standing shower AND a closet! I am the envy of all of my friends.

That's right, another bathroom. Just in case you need to go again.

Ready to go back downstairs? We skipped a few rooms on the upstairs part of the tour: bedroom 2 (David's room), bedroom 3 (which is the smallest bedroom I've ever ever seen, but I like it because it's light purple...this is currently my "shoe and Christmas room"), bedroom 4 (scrapbook room), bedroom 5 (guest room)

My garden, which is British for "backyard". It doesn't look this cute anymore, because I don't have a lawn mower. That's next on the list. But my yard is so cute, don't you think?
I LOVE my house!
Did you see my last house?

I lived in the bottom right unit. Now do you see why I LOVE my new house??


Cyndi said...

I love it.. Love the Blue doors. I think you can get your car in there. But I would be nervous too. I love the colors and your Tiffany living room and your KITCHEN. Love it. Can't wait and sleep in your guest bedroom. Next Year, if you'll have me :o)

Cyndi said...

Oh I forgot to use... Ebonics... That was a GANG'STA CRIB!

SusieH said...

Gorgeous - I think my fave is your tile floors in the foyer and kitchen. LOVE the kitchen. :)

irishirish15 said...

It's great Becca! love how bright it is and the kitchen is awesome!! Enjoy!

Dogeared said...

I'm half jealous and half really happy for you! It's fantastic, and I can see why you're so thrilled. I'd love my own place like that!! Enjoy making it yours :D

uBi!! said...

Nice place! Where's the toilet paper though? Empty roll! Forget the lawn mower, get a goat.

Krista Lund said...

i do love it! i love how fresh and inviting it looks!

Anne said...

your new place is awesome! can't wait to see it decorated... glad you are settling in well.

Anonymous said...

Love your and David's house. Hope to see it some day. aunt M

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