Friday, June 05, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge...the beginning

I'm beginning my personal read-athon at 1830 Friday evening. That's right now...
I'm back from the library and the commissary, and I've got a big stack of books to get through. I really don't think I'll get through them all this weekend, but check-out length is 3 weeks, so I've got some time. Most of the books I checked out are Young Adult Fiction, and I got recommendations from ALA award lists.
The books I have checked out are (in no particular order):
The Tenth Circle-Jodi Picoult
Marley & Me-John Grogan
Chasing Windmills-Chatherine Ryan Hyde
Memoirs of a Geisha-Arthur Golden
Thirteen Reasons-Jay Asher
Twisted-Laurie Halse Anderson
As Simple as Snow-Gregory Galloway
3 Willows-Ann Brashares
Dragon's Keep-Janet Lee Carvey
Notes from the Midnight Driver-Jordan Sonnenblick
A Time for Dancing-Davida Wills Hurwin
The Book Thief-Markus Zusak
The Lightning Thief-Rick Riordan
13 Little Blue Envelopes-Maureen Johnson
Avalon High-Meg Cabot
Before I Die-Jenny Downham

All I know at this point is that I'm finishing up The Tenth Circle first... we'll see what I'm in the mood for after that.


Crystal said...

Good luck with the challenge. I am starting in a few hours and can't wait.

I also wanted to note that I have Avalon High checked out from the library right now too.

Dreadful Penny said...

I've got a Jordan Sonnenblick in my to-be-read pile too: Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. Good luck!

Laughing Stars said...

Happy reading!

Camille said...

I love Dragon's Keep!

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