Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Perfect Timing...

Just as I was looking forward to the internet finally arriving at my house (June 1, if the router/modem or whatever it's called arrives by then), I realized that my computer may not make it until June 1! It's got a mind of its own lately, possibly rebelling from the move? First of all, it won't turn off. When I select "shut down", it acts like it's going to shut down, then restarts itself. Now, it doesn't even wait for me to click shut down before restarting itself. Sometimes it likes to do it when I am in the middle of watching a movie or importing a CD to iTunes. Better still (if you measure the amount of "better" based on how irritated you get), it now takes 20 minutes to go through the process of restarting!
We have a plan in place and I shouldn't have to wait too much longer after June 1 for a functional computer.

I don't have a whole lot of other interesting news to report... my main friend is moving soon and then the minimal social life that I have now is sure to diminish even more. I was invited to 3 BBQs over the long weekend and all 3 of my take-alongs were huge hits (Crunchy Asian Salad, Strawberry Jell-o Pretzel Salad and ingredients for S'Mores). I ventured (as a passenger) almost to London to go to Ikea on Monday. And tonight, I'm going to the "best restaurant in East England"...or so I've been told. I'll be the better be good, because I'm ditching my usual Wednesday night friends and skipping 5 pound curry & a pint night (5 pounds is the cost, not the amount of food) to go to this restaurant.
Until next time...


SusieH said...

IKEA, you lucky dog, you!!

Where's that best restaurant? If you like it, let me know...maybe it'll be a date night destination for me and DH.

Crossing fingers for your computer's health :)

ubill said...

look at this info about shut down/restart problems, might help.
Though my household runs on XP, OSX and Linux I always recommend the best fix - A Mac.

Good Luck with getting online!

See you in July!


Anonymous said...

I was told (by the English guy at the South Shore) that the food in England is not that great but the Cadbury candy makes up for the lousy food. Is that true? Which friend is leaving. Thinking of you today and wishing you a happy day. love you aunt margie

Cyndi said...

Hey Bec.... How are you? Long time no write or commented. Hope things are going great. Can't wait for you to have more access to internet so that you can post more :o)

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