Friday, June 05, 2009

More reading...

I haven't gotten that much further in The Tenth Circle since I last posted (just about 130 pages to go), but here I go with another post about warn you that I'll probably be making only reading-related posts from now until Monday.
My GoogleReader (blog subscribey-thing) is full of folders... blogs about scrapbooking, blogs about fashion, recipe blogs, home decorating blogs, travel blogs, teacher blogs (Is it any wonder that after my internet hiatus, I have thousands of blog posts to catch up on?) One of the teacher blogs I read, TheReadingZone, discusses a lot of young adult books, and recently she mentioned a special reading challenge going on at MotherReader. It is the 48 Hour Book Challenge, or 48HBC.
Basically, you choose a consecutive 48 hour period between Friday at 7am and Monday at 7am and read your heart out! You can take breaks, do your chores, socialize, etc., and you tally up the number of hours you spent reading. Or blogging about reading. And...there's prizes! I love reading, I love prizes, therefore, I am sure that I will love the 48HBC!
MotherReader is adding another (optional) twist to the Challenge--a giving twist. I'm deciding how I'll work that out...more information when I officially begin reading.
I'm going to start my 48 hour read-athon this evening, after I get back from a run and errands on base...including a stop at the library! I have 2 functions (or maybe 1... the details are a little foggy) to drop in on on Saturday, but I think I'll be able to get quite a bit of reading done by Sunday evening.

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