Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yes it's 4 am

And YES I am awake.

Thanks to a little thing I like to call Black Cat, the most irritating animal on the face of the planet. Let's rewind 6 and a half hours or so to about 9:30 last night(you'll have to excuse me if my math is IS 4 a.m. you know). Anyway at 9:30 last night, Black Cat was sitting on the couch with David and I being so sweet and cuddly, moving from my lap to David's lap to get the most from his snuggle-time. Yeah, 6 and a half hours ago, I was baby-talking to Black Cat telling him he's so precious and such a sweet baby. Well, I take it all back. I am now whispering violently at him to shut up and trying to restrain myself from accidentally leaving every window in the house open. And leaving a little trail of kitty food leading out the door.
I think Black Cat used to spend a lot of time with dogs before he was "rescued" because his meows sometimes actually sound like barking. Imagine a large dog barking at, say, an intruder or something. Then insert a high-pitched meow everytime the dog barks and that's about what Black Cat sounds like. I have also compared his meow to the sound of a cat fight with just one cat, or perhaps a cat dying a slow, miserable death. I think his incessant nighttime meowing shows that he really didn't want to be rescued...I think he liked the wild nightlife and now he's rebelling. At my house. When I'm sleeping.
A special message for Black Cat's owner, if you're reading this (I know you're not), I wish you a safe and swift trip back from the states. I hope you had a great and restful time visiting with your family and friends. Now come get your @*#$&^% cat.

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