Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new photo project

When Susan at ScrapVillage suggested taking a photo a day in December, I gladly joined the challenge. She then mentioned another challenge that she participates in, "12 of 12". I followed her links to Chad Darnell's blog and decided to join in on the fun. You take 12 photos on the 12th of each month.
Here are my 12 photos (all taken here in Okinawa, Japan!):

0640: I opened my e-mail to find a birthday note from my cousin Brenda & her family.

0710: I'm dressed and ready to go...most Fridays, I try to wear a school shirt. My blue shirt is way too big. Lucky for me, Leah sent me a buckle that I've been using as a 1980s-style t-shirt slide!

0800: I almost missed out on a birthday donut from David. I really had to eat and run...but he made me open a present first. I was a little bit late to work.

1220: "Mr. Slone" brought cupcakes to my class, then stayed awhile for "Fun Friday". Blocks are one of their favorite Fun Friday activities!

1240: T-shirt Friday.

1650: I came home from school with these flowers from Jayllan and Jacobi. They're now in a glass pitcher brightening up my kitchen!

1930: After opening a second birthday gift and having a birthday dinner (off-base! at Kitakaisen so I could get some tofu pizza--but forgot the camera), David asked me if I had a nice birthday. I said, "Is it over?" mostly because we hadn't yet had my traditional cake, decorated by David. I was in here on the computer and David said he had to go to his office to check on an e-mail he was expecting. He came back with this birthday cake!

1940: As I was eating a piece of birthday cake, David took a picture of me on the couch. He showed me the picture and there was a pink box behind the couch...another present!

1942: I was so excited when I opened my Garmin! This thing is so stinkin' cool!

2245: I finally finished making muffins for my running group. I wanted to take birthday treats. I made Chocolate-Chip Pumpkin Muffins (again!!) and made half of the batch Pumpkin-Golden Raisin Muffins instead so I could make something new. Both were delicious!

2300: Made sure Black Cat was fed. I've noticed that sometimes he meows in the night because he doesn't have food. Other times it seems he just does it to wake me up and irritate me!

2306: Finally going to bed! I never stay up this late! I have to be ready for our 12 mile run in just seven and a half hours! Notice that I'm still wearing my trusty Timex Ironman. I love this watch so much...even though it can't do all the things my awesome new Garmin can do, I'll still wear this watch during the day and keep it next to my bed at night!


wjh8787 said...
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bon said...

Happy birthday! What a fun 12 of 12. Really love the '80s style T-shirt "belt." That rocks!

Cheers from a fellow 12'er,

Helen said...

I started thinking when you said about the Garmin, and then twigged - it's a watch/heart monitor thing for running. Then I read the rest of your post and found I was right!

Hope the 12 mile run went well!

Helen (12 of 12er)

beth said...

Happy birthday! And great pics! :)

Zippy said...

Happy Birthday! Great 12 of 12!


Susan said...

can you believe it.....I had never seen a picture of you?!?!?
SOOOO glad you tried this challenge out! and just how PERFECT that it was on your birthday!

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