Saturday, January 06, 2007

It was supposed to be 16!

Today we ran our 16 miler. About 13 miles in, we started on some killer rolling hills. That part was no fun, mostly because the outside of my right knee had started to hurt before 2 miles but I kind of shuffled through it, but it's pretty impossible to run up hills without lifting your right leg. So each time I took a step for about a mile and a half it was as if someone with a really sharp pencil was jabbing it into my leg. Nice. When we finished our 16 miles, we realized that Jill's GPS watch had actually tracked us for 17.16 miles! No fair! I say we should get to run only 17 the week after next when we are supposed to do 18!
Anyway, I've iced my knee, eaten some soup and watched the Friends True Hollywood Story. Sushi tonight!

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