Saturday, January 06, 2007

Don't you love it when things (almost) work like that?

Remember the yarn ball I posted about back in December? Well, it has successfully been transformed into the back of a sweater! Hooray! I started working on the front and ran out of yarn. Luckily I still had a couple pieces of knitted fabric (the scarf? the poncho? This yarn ball's gone through a lot!) to unravel. Or frog as "we knitters" say. So...I dug into my yarn drawer and pulled out a piece of something knitted up with that yarn and guess what it was...
It was the front of a sweater! But unfortunately not the same sweater that I'm working on now and plus I saw some little mess-ups that I a)didn't feel like fixing and b)didn't want on my final project so...

it too has been turned back into a yarn ball...for now.

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