Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I love the postman!

What a great mail day I had! Too bad for David...he picked up the mail because he's really excited about a new laptop arriving soon and probably got really excited when he saw 3 package slips in our box! All were for me!

1.I got a pack of Prima flowers. LOVE those things!
2.Two books I ordered just last week probably. One is "Run Fast" by Hal Higdon, and the other is "One Skein" by Leigh Radford. "Run Fast" is obviously about running fast--improving your speed and training and "One Skein" is full of cute cute projects- knitted cupcakes, clutch bags, hats, even a rug!--that you can knit up with single skeins (duh) or leftovers. I'm so excited about this book...as soon as I finish my sweater and untangle all the yarn in my yarn drawer I'll get going on a project!
3.My mom sent me a birthday package! It was full of yummy stuff--cookies, hot cocoa mix & chocolates- crafty stuff--ribbon, a super-cool idea-a-day paper crafting calendar, card envelopes, and the fabulous Stampin' Up! small black scissors- necessary stuff--the only kind of toothpaste that doesn't give me canker sores (Trader Joe's All-Natural Peppermint), Mary Kay cleanser & moisturizer- house stuff--kitchen towels- and other misc. stuff. The package also included a pair of very cozy-looking pajama pants from Aunt Cookie.

In addition to all that wonderful stuff, I also got a birthday card from my friend Kara and a few sheets of free card stock for filling out a survey a while back. Oh I just love getting mail!


Jules said...

You made out like a bandit, Becca! Glad it was such a good postal day for you.

OneScrappyChick said...

What fun, and I love that birthday card. Kids can be so cute.

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