Sunday, January 14, 2007

25: the year in review

1. I celebrated my 25th birthday with a new group of students since I had just gotten a job offer I couldn't refuse and started mid-school year.
2. My uncle & aunt came to visit us and although I got to make them dinner and go out for sushi, I was bummed that I didn't get to spend much time with them due to my job.
3. David & I got a new tv: 61" high-definition (but our cable doesn't come in HDTV)
4. I learned that one of my best friends is getting married in Cabo San Lucas (this coming May)!
5. I read a lot of really great books, and traded recommendations with friends.
6. A pigeon flew into my classroom, sending my students into a giggling frenzy and sending me into silent hysterics. I was freaking out, but couldn't let the kids know! Maintenance came and got the bird out, but not before the darn thing left bird droppings on our writing table!
7. I spent 8 weeks in the states, visiting with friends and family and working at camp.
8. I bought 20 new pairs of underwear when I found out that New York & Company offers a military discount!
9. I bought fabric to make 8 pieces of clothing and made one and a half.
10. I found a great group of on-line friends at ScrapVillage.
11. I participated (and won!) several "Virtual Crops" at ScrapVillage!
12. I begged David for a puppy for one whole day. Then I changed my mind.
13. I finished a knitting project! A baby blanket for my "grand-neighbor"
14. The only couple we hung out with left. I realized later that I didn't appreciate them enough while I had them here!
15. I saw a counselor, Dr. Richard, (or was it Dr. Robert?) to help me deal with some "unresolved grief". He was really nice. It was just fun to go talk to someone who had no choice but to listen to you for an hour!
16. I learned a lot about families and friends and love and respect. Also about what kind of person I want to be and what kind of person I never want to be.
17. I introduced David to scallops. He said "Ew, I hate scallops", but he ate them and now he requests them often!
18. I ate sea urchin. It was disgusting.
19. I let birds land on my arms and drink bird juice from a little cup I held. I did not scream. I did not duck.
20.I met a friend while I was out running and joined a running group to prepare to run my 4th marathon.
21. I cooked my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey turned out tasty and beautiful!
22. I hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange and had fun decroating the house for it!
23. I worried about my Grandma when she went to the hospital after a fall. I guess this is how you can really tell you're getting older---it used to be my Grandma worrying about ME when I fell off my bike!
24. I celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary
25. I agonized about turning 26...officially entering my mid-twenties (or almost-thirties!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dahling
Loved your 25 years in review-you need to be an author. Also loved 12 of clever. I did not know David was Charles-do I now call him Chuck or Charlie.
love you bunch aunt margie

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