Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Good Morning Game

Whenever I run I always greet other runners/cyclists that are on my path. For the longest time, I found that runners are just way more friendly than cyclists (sorry, cyclists!) because they would usually greet me right back.
Until I came here...
Now it's become a game of sorts: How Many People Can I Get to Say Good Morning. I don't know if Air Force people are totally unfit or incredibly unfriendly (I find myself hoping it's the latter---after all, they're supposed to pass routine fitness tests) but they either don't have the breath or don't have the courtesy to say Good Morning back to me. As I came down the hill back toward my house, I passed 9 runners fairly close to each other, and only ONE returned my good morning. I started to think of running in the states and how many runners would at least say good morning, and maybe even start more of a conversation. (Maybe that's just Midwestern runners, I hear we're very friendly people in those parts!)
But I passed one more runner and decided to give it one more shot. He DID reply after I said good morning, and he said something I'd probably only hear while running on a military base: "Good morning, ma'am"

1 comment:

OneScrappyChick said...

I never got used to that ma'am thing.. LOL.

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