Sunday, October 29, 2006

Emotion Overload

The weirdest thing happened about 2 weeks ago. I was sitting on the kitchen counter talking to David and I could NOT stop laughing. I was crying I was laughing so hard and I could barely catch my breath. I have (had) no idea what was so funny. I just kept laughing and laughing about nothing in particular.

Well, tonight we watched Click (highly recommend it!) and it was kinda sad so I was crying. Well, after the movie was over, I just kept crying. And crying and crying. I was crying so much that David was laughing at me, which made me cry even more. Which, in turn, made me laugh til I cried some more!

1 comment:

cloud said...

I Know what you mean Becca I am very emotional at the moment, but I have an explination. Do you 2?!!!!!:lol????

Love the picture from the party!!! So Cool and the bird picture is very nice as well I do not think you look that scared at all!

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