Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nice People

The day before yesterday, my car wouldn't start. I realized this as I was leaving for school and already running a few minutes late. Luckily, David was home from PT and getting ready to go to work. So he dropped me off at school with relatively few complaints (nice person #1).
Yesterday, I arrived at school late just because I was putzing around being late at home. One of the parents from my class had been looking for me and went to Ms. Wiles' room. Ms. Wiles (my classroom neighbor) told her that usually I'm there by that time, but I was having car trouble so maybe I was waiting for my ride. Can you believe that that mom said, "Oh, she needs a car? She should just take my car!" (She's leaving for a few months). I was just amazed at how nice she was-I might think that a good friend would offer this, but I'm just her kid's teacher! She stopped by later to talk to me about leaving and the first thing she did was ask if my car is okay. (nice person #2)
It is. It just needed a battery recharge because someone (coughDAVIDcough) left on the interior light that gives off relatively no light (which is why I didn't know it was on) and since it was on for 2 and a half days, it kinda put a strain on the battery. Darn, no more excuses for being late to school!

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