Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hooray for mail!

Yesterday we had 3 package slips! But David didn't want to stand in the looooooong line at the post office to pick them up (I would have- packages are what I live for!)
He went and picked them up today and hooray--they were all for me!
Here's what I got: 1- a package of stickers/pencils/bookmarks that I had ordered for my class. Conveniently, this package that I've been waiting for for over a month arrived just one day after I wrote an "I'm very disappointed" e-mail to customer service. Oops...
2- The other half of 2 bathing suits. I received the top halves a few weeks ago and was beginning to worry about what I would do with them if the bottoms never arrived. Unfortunately, one of the bottoms doesn't match the top anyway, so I'm back to square one on that!
3- Britt sent me a book! And just in the nick of time too, because I finished the book (The Men I Didn't Marry- quite entertaining and a super-fast read) that I checked out on Sunday just this afternoon. Britt gave "Middlesex" her stamp of approval, labeling it seemingly odd, but "really very good". I'm on page 2. So I have no real opinions yet.

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