Friday, October 27, 2006

Good Eats

I just have to pat myself on the back about some of the super-fab meals I made this week... They were SO easy and absolutely delicious!
Monday- Tuscan Halibut- yum yum! Halibut steaks (pretty pricey at the commissary -and frozen to boot- but worth it) cannelini beans and tomatoes with lemon and basil. YUM!
Tuesday- Pizza Hut. Blech... Who would've thought that I'd turn out to be a better cook than Pizza Hut?!?!?
Wednesday- Smoky Black Bean Stoup (a Rachael Ray recipe from her latest cookbook). Wow, I thought this was great! I can't get enough of it! Although I need one of those mortar and pestle thingys because I could not grind my coriander for it. I had enough for dinner and 2 lunches and those 2 lunches made me very happy!
Thursday- Chicken and Sausage Paella. Loving my crockpot lately! (Last week it was chicken curry in the crockpot) I love the way the chicken just falls apart when it's cooked all day in the crockpot. Especially because I've been feeling a little weird about chicken lately. Anyway, the commissary didn't have any turmeric, but they did have saffron, which happens to be one of "the most expensive spices in the world". I couldn't bring myself to buy the saffron, so I had to look up a substitution. The box of saffron-flavored rice was way cheap and it made a great accompaniment!
So, what's on the menu tonight??? I'm thinking maybe broccoli cheese soup, but maybe I'll save that for later. David and his bud went to see some large-men-blowing-up-everything-in-their-path movie so I'm on my own until Survivor. Maybe I'll just have some of my delish leftovers!

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Gwyn said...

Can I come over for dinner? Have you posted that black bean soup at the recipe place at SV? Hint hint!

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