Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's been awhile!

My life has been pretty boring for the past 10 days. Actually for about 8 of the past 10 days, but the other 2 the internet was acting all funky!

I must take a moment to toot my own horn---I am SO proud of myself for being so good at working out lately! I've also been cleaning up after myself more than usual. I'm really growing up

On Saturday, we ventured off-base in search of "Okinawa Fruits Land". Took us a while to find it since the sign says "Tropical Kingdom". Anyway, I wanted to go because we NEEDed to get our Christmas card picture taken! So we dragged David's troop along with us to carry our camera!

I was terrified when I was there because we went into this room with big birds. They could just move around wherever they wanted and I'm not really sure what kept them from pecking my eyeballs out.
Well, then we went into the next room where birds absolutely attacked us! The birds were pretty, if you can keep your mind off all that avian-flu business. You carry in a little cup of sweet bird juice or something and they just flock to you. I was really afraid because I have a teensy-weensy bird phobia. But I wasn't about to not do it. Just like when I was SO afraid to go to the tippy-top of the Eiffel Tower, but I had to do it because how could I not? Anyway, I went in and while I was in there one bird even landed on my head!! But David accidentally pushed the power button instead of the take-the-picture button on the camera. Arrrgghh.

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Gwyn said...

I happen to think this is a very cool photo. Will it be your Christmas card one?

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