Sunday, October 29, 2006

Late for Saturday

I had a great morning... went to the gym for the monthly 5k run. I did 20 seconds better than I did last week AND I made 2 new running friends. One of them invited me to join in on some Saturday morning distance runs with her and a group of ojavascript:void(0)ther runners! That should be fun! So I ended up running about 7 miles on Saturday because I ran 2 extra miles with this girl just so I could talk to her.

Saturday night, David and I went to a costume party. We had a super-easy costume (just saying that just now reminds me that I was supposed to wear a costume TOMORROW for school... oops!) since we (I) found out about the party at the last minute. The party was SO not my scene, but I definitely had fun getting our costumes together
David as the Publisher's ClearingHouse Prize Patrol and me as the surprised early-morning winner. Too bad you can't see my pretty pj pants and fuzzy slippers in this photo.

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