Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Uphill Both Ways

Maybe this is weird, but I have always wanted to walk to school. When I went to Forest Ridge Academy when it was in Hammond, my dad would drop me off in the morning and usually my grandma would pick me up. We would often walk home, I remember because she didn't really want me to run through other people's sprinklers.
But it just wasn't the same. I wanted to walk TO school in the morning. I never lived close enough to do that, except for college, of course, but walking from the dorms to class just doesn't count.
Today, my dream came true! There was a special teacher training day and we all met at Kadena HS, which happens to be just about 1.25 miles from my house. I knew this was my chance to walk to school! I popped right out of bed this morning, I was so excited!
So there wasn't 3 feet of snow, and I was wearing shoes and they didn't have holes in them... but believe me when I say it really WAS uphill both ways!

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