Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scotland: The Complete Travelogues

Since it's taken me 8 posts to tell about my 2.5 days in Edinburgh, and since those posts are scattered around among the other attempts to make 30 posts in November, I decided I'd compile a list of all of my Scotland entries, right here to make them easier to find!
 November Goal #6
 Edinburgh: First Things First
Royal Mile plus 250 meters (part 1)
Royal Mile plus 250 meters (part 2 and 4)
(Not Quite) Just like Rabbie Burns
Royal Mile plus 250 meters (part 3)
Up Again
Goodbye Edinburgh

I  must take a moment to be completely honest. The real reason I decided to compile this list is because I'm supposed to be cleaning up the living room and/or (oh, alright, AND) kitchen because I'm having a friend over for lunch and possibly crafting (or possibly not, because that would mean I'd need to clean up my crafting room too) in 12 hours, 6-8 of which I intend to be sleeping. If my middle name began with P, it would be "Procrastinate." But it doesn't. It begins with S. So it's Suzanne.

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uncle bill said...

Maybe the S stands for Stall!

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