Monday, November 30, 2009

Dublin: IMHO

I went to Dublin with fairly low expectations. I had heard from three different people that Dublin may not be Ireland at its best. In my opinion, big cities rarely are. Places that got raving reviews were Cork, Kerry, Killarney & Donnegal. But, for this weekend, the only thing on the itinerary was Dublin, so I decided to go check it out for myself, since I hadn't made any other Thanksgiving plans anyway.

The verdict is in: I agree with my three friends--Dublin doesn't get two thumbs-up from me. When you think Ireland, you might think "green," "sheep," "craggy sea cliffs," "accent," or "cute little old men wearing tweed hats." that's definitely not what you get in Dublin! It has a few interesting, pretty points, but I bet I could've done enough Dublin to satisfy myself in one day with a hop-on/hop-off bus pass. And without a pregnant travel companion.

More later.


Amy said...

How do you travel so much? I love your life! I think if I were to go to Dublin, I would try to find Bono. Or the pub U2 started in. That would be my quest.

Dogeared said...

Ah, sorry it didn't impress you - seeing it at this time of year when it's cold and dark probably doesn't help (that said, it was cold and rainy when I went in June)...

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